Parking & Check-in

Parking & Check-in

Friday, Oct. 18: Golden Grads are encouraged to park in the Jordan/Kline (WW) parking lot, behind the science building. Check in for the Golden Grad events will be held in Martin Commons Lobby, which is located in the Eisenhower Campus Center next to the Lottie Nelson Dining Hall. Reserved spots will be available for handicap parking.

Saturday, Oct. 19: Parking is on campus is limited, due to construction.  There is no longer access to Eisenhower Circle and Chapel Drive, so please plan accordingly.  Guests are encouraged to park in lots VV, WW, H and the Pit.  Additional parking is available in Rec Field #2 and at Grantham Church.  No parking pass is required.  Handicapped parking locations can be found in various lot across campus:

  • Old Main (ZZ) and Visitor (VV) Lots are best used for access to Old Main, High Center and ECC.  There are several HC spots in these lots.
  • SSC (TT Lot) is best for access to SSC.
  • Behind Boyer and the Library (XX Lot) are several spots designated handicapped parking.  To access, drive to Creekside and follow HC signs.
  • Kline/Jordan (WW Lot) is best for access to Kline, Jordan, Frey Hall.
  • College Ave has several spots for Larsen and the residence halls.
  • Residence Hall parking lots have several designated spots.

Once you arrive, please check in at registration in the Eisenhower Campus Center.  You will be able to pick-up or purchase tickets, ask questions, and receive your nametag and schedule.

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